Quotes from some of our clients

  • They have insight into the client group they are working with, using a sensitive approach

  • They build rapports with their clients and encourage change however slowly is required

  • The work achieved is done with a respect the recipient deserves

  • I can think of no other service that can deliver results with the patience and understanding which is required

  • Their flexibility helps manage the most chaotic clients and without Alpha’s input many of the clients we have referred would not cope

  • The day to day tasks many of us carry out without thought is a struggle for some and that is the niche service, delivered so effectively by Alpha

    Guildford Borough Council

  • In the year that I have been working with Alpha I have found them to exhibit all the positive characteristics that I would expect, but rarely get, from services in the community

  • AES’s ability to work with exceptionally isolated and disengaged people is to be commended. Such an ability requires kindness, skill and understanding – which they have in abundance

  • AES are able to calculate risk and react appropriately, they are flexible in their approach and have a great deal of knowledge at their disposal which greatly increases the positive outcomes and quality of life for the people who they work with

  • I believe the involvement of this particular agency – with their anti-oppressive values and practice – enhances the lives of the people with whom they work

    North West Assertive Outreach Team

  • Your help with difficult and vulnerable customers is an absolute treasure and we really appreciate it

    Guildford Borough Council Environmental Health Service