Education Services

Alpha, Catalyst (formerly known as SAdAS) and its trusted partners across the South have extensive resources of skills and knowledge.

Pooling and sharing resources and knowledge is integral to the third sector and we have been delivering a variety of training events and services bespoke to the requirements of clients for many years.

Subjects may include:

  • Risk analysis and management
  • Drugs and New Psychoactive Substances (‘Legal Highs’)
  • Alcohol
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

Training is tailored to meet your requirements.

Bespoke Services

Alpha and Catalyst (formerly known as SAdAS) can be commissioned to provide a range of services that fall within our expertise. These include:

  • Diversion projects (999 misuse, Youth Work, Anti Social Behaviour and Crisis Intervention Work)
  • Private treatment (including various types of counselling)
  • Targeted services to high risk and complex clients

CIAG (Community Incident Action Groups) Services

Our approach is to fully assess the client’s risk and needs and then work practically to engage the client into the appropriate services which may include

  • Mental Health Services
  • Drug and Alcohol treatment services
  • Support around housing needs
  • Social care support and socialisation groups
  • Practical support to enable clients to engage with mainstream services

Both Alpha and Catalyst (formerly known as SAdAS) have been providing outreach services to "complex" clients who may be discussed in forums such as CIAGs for a number of years. All too often clients who present high levels of risk and/or vulnerability are bounced between services and often have such chaotic lifestyles that engagement with services is unlikely.

We initially work in pairs until risk is analysed and offer professional, emotional and practical support to clients. This may include engaging with GPs and arranging referrals to mental health and drug/alcohol services. We can offer support around housing and homelessness in practical ways such as with debts, accessing hostels/alternative housing and improving environments which all lead to a more engageable, "safer" client.

Our skilled workers have a wealth of experience in working with this client group and an in depth knowledge of services and accessing them. Very few clients reject this type of support.

We provide highly qualified workers who may be employed as a dedicated worker to your service/borough. They may be shared between areas in order to share costs or on a "spot" basis (so your group may employ us to work with one or more specific clients at an agreed cost). Funding might come from safety partnerships, proceeds of crime funds or other routes.

We are very happy to discuss clients, attend and report to forums and provide recommendations and references from current CIAG groups.

Contact details

Mobile 07876 715250 07917 434609

Telephone 01483 445173


Gary Ochoa (Manager, Alpha Extreme Services),
14 Jenner Road,

  • AES’s ability to work with exceptionally isolated and disengaged people is to be commended. Such an ability requires kindness, skill and understanding – which they have in abundance